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This Week in History: October 6, 2023

Following are some history things that caught my attention this week.


I took advantage of a long road trip to catch up on some podcasts.

Witch. This entire series is a delight. A little history, a little folklore, a little magick, all approached with curiosity and respect.

Scandals that Shocked Georgian Britain. Affairs, duels, and a ghosts abound.

Margaret Cavendish: 17th Century Revolutionary. A woman writing science fiction in 1666? She was doing a lot more than that.

Trees and Religion in Early Medieval England with Michael Bintley. I love the connections between history, nature, and spirituality.

Secrets of the Angleo-Saxon Bone Chests. I've read several novels about the people whose bones are purported to be in the bone chests. It was good to get the real story.

Victorian London's Hidden Porn Trade. THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK!


Is it Time to Rethink D.C.'s Most Macabre Museum. Probably, but they don't seem to see the urgency. This museum is super-close to where I live and definitely has the Halloween creepy feels.


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