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Michelle Emick Ronholm
Writer, creator, trainer, coach

I spent more than 15 years in communications, at large agencies like Edelman, and both large and small organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) and The International Food Information Council (IFIC). I have pitched media, trained speakers, conducted research, and written countless white papers, op-eds, and promotional materials. I have a B.A. in history and political science from Muskingum University and an M.A. in political management from The George Washington University.

In 2020, I began a creative project I've always wanted to work on. While the creative project still has a long way to go, I created this space to share some of the history I'm working with along the way.

I am a personal trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach. 

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