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Historians In The Gym

In addition to my history shenanigans, I provide athletic training and nutrition coaching for adult athletes, customized for your sport and level of competition from recreational to international competitor, from your rookie season on. don't have to be a historian to train here.

To sign up, simply send me an email at

Self-Guided Athletic Training Program:                          $300

​We'll work together to create a customized training program that you will do on your own. Package includes:

  • Onboarding session - video meeting to discuss your athletic goals, consider training protocols and preferences, establish performance metrics, and conduct a movement assessment.

  • Program Design - a complete training program aimed at your specific needs. Programs can be designed for the gym or for home.

  • Program Review Session - a 30 minute video session to review programming and coach proper exercise technique.

  • Follow Up Session - a 30 minute video session to assess progress, troubleshoot problem areas, and determine next steps.

Personal Training:                                                       $600 - $1,500     

Let's train! I'll be there every step of the way, creating periodized  programs tailored to your specific needs, coaching you through regular training sessions, and evolving your training as you progress. Package includes:

  • Onboarding session - one hour video session to discuss training goals, establish performance metrics, and conduct an initial movement assessment.

  • Program Design - periodized programming customized for your needs and athletic goals.

  • Personal Training Sessions - 30 minute and one hour options are available. I recommend at least two sessions per week. 

Nutrition Coaching:                                                                   $1,000

We'll work together on a comprehensive nutrition program designed to meet your specific needs and to work with your lifestyle. Package includes:

  • Initial Assessment - one hour video session to determine goals and needs, discuss food preferences / allergies / health concerns, conduct assessments, and establish performance metrics. 

  • Program Design - a roadmap for achieving your nutrition goals, including specific action steps and options for adjustments along the way.

  • Coaching Sessions - 12 weekly 30 minute video coaching sessions to help you stay on track, assess progress, explore different approaches, and keep you feeling good.

The Combo Package - Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching 

$1,600 - $2,500

We'll do it all - together! We'll work on a completely customized training and nutrition program tailored to your athletic needs and lifestyle. Package includes:

  • Deep-dive Onboarding - we set you up strong with a video deep-dive session on your goals, needs, lifestyle, and performance measurement options.

  • Program Design and Ongoing Assessment - periodized training programs and comprehensive nutrition plans to fuel your training.

  • Coaching sessions - regular personal training and nutrition sessions where I'll coach you every step of the way. 

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