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HBTS: Researching, Writing, Skating, Saving Democracy

  • Lots of research and writing for the book

  • A little figure skating

  • A hike and rally in support of Democracy

Oh wow! do I ever need practice vlogging, but I really do think there's value in it. 1) Seeing the sausage-making can be really interesting for folks who typically only see finished products - books, museum exhibits, presentations, and such. 2) I like the idea of documenting the process so one day I can look back and see not only progress that was made, but also the things I learned along the way. And, 3) I think it can foster a sense of community when others on a similar path see that we all have unique ways of being writers, historians, and people.

So anyway, I'm going to continue to work on this skill, learning from others who do it so well and adding my own personal touches. Mostly, I think I just need practice.


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