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Flute Focused

I'm changing up the way I do History Behind the Scenes. Rather than picking a week and running with it, I'm going to gather footage throughout each month and post one big catchall at the end of the month. We'll see how it goes. 

January Highlights:

Outdoor exercise. I've moved my cardio workouts outdoors (when it makes sense.) I like getting the fresh air and I'm grateful to live next to a lovely park with a trail that weaves through the woods. I've been going without music / podcasts and just enjoying the sounds of nature or kids playing at the playground. I ran into a local high school cross country team training on my trail earlier in the month, which was humbling.

Book recommendations. A while back I posted some book recommendations here and here. In this video you get a little behind-the-scenes look at my very fancy set up.

Writing updates. I might have…a book? I'm working on really cleaning up my manuscript for a structural edit. I'm both excited and nervous about finally getting it into someone else's hands.

All things flute. I spent a little time in this video talking about my flute studies, how I'm basically teaching myself, the tools I'm using, and the ways I'm tracking my progress.

So that's January, folks!


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