Because historians don't just talk to historians

A Meaningful Impact



To create energy and enthusiasm for history - the people, the places, the events - by making history's beauty and complexity accessible and engaging.

To help people uncover their curiosity about the past's connection to the present, and its implications for the future.



To serve as a bridge between historians and those who can benefit from and enjoy their work.

To help historians and history organizations reach new and diverse audiences through communications.



Always learning, always connecting, always curious, always engaged.

With energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and an eye toward always improving.


Because we can't leave the past behind

I studied history to lose myself in the richness and beauty of the past. I was at home in quiet libraries and dark museums, immersed in the words of people I knew only from paintings or grainy photographs. I would stand in the halls of cherished buildings and imagine the footfalls, the voices of those who graced the same rooms under vastly different circumstances.

I emerged from those libraries and museums to pursue a long and rewarding career in education and health care communications. But I never lost my love for those quiet times with history and I never stopped appreciating the importance of applying historical context to contemporary issues.

There are people who are hungry for your work. Policymakers, educators, students, and history enthusiasts for sure. But also people who are looking at the world today and wondering, "How did we get here?" They are hungry for smart, thoughtful context and they are not afraid to work through history's complexities. If you want to expand the reach of your work, I want to help you.


All questions, ideas, opportunities, and just good old-fashioned conversation are welcome.


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