Resource Retrieval

Some things that have come over my transom that I thought I’d send over yours.

To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking, Stop Thinking About Yourself. In this Harvard Business Review article, Sarah Gersham gives some great advice for getting out of your own head and really connecting with your audience.

How ‘duh’ moments undercut a writer’s (and reader’s) ‘ah-ha’ moments. We love words. Lovely words perfectly placed in beautiful sentences. Rob Reinaldo explains why some of those words need to go.

11 Key Strategies to Create Awesome Social Media Memes. History content makes for some of the best memes, but they can be risky. William Comcowich has ideas to minimize your risks and maximize your memes.

The SFG Clock - A Guide for the Swing, Clean, and Snatch. I told you it’s possible to get strong with just a kettlebell. If you’re worried about form, Woo-chae Yoon has a great visual for you.

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