I love the blogging platform. It’s so customizable. I read blogs about health science, history scholarship, marine conservation, nutrition science, and athletic training. I read about sports, dance, cooking, and families. I read about reading, writing, and public relations. Some are formal and professionalized, some are more personal and conversational. All of them provide something of value, whether it’s information or entertainment. Often it’s both.

Around here you can expect posts about history-related travel, events I attend, books I read, and little history nuggets that pop up in everyday life if only we are open to seeing them.

I plan to write about communications and how outreach techniques can be used by scholars. I’ll share examples of meaningful and effective work being done all around us. I’ll showcase best practices from a variety of industries that academia, and historians in particular, can apply to their own efforts.

And I want this to be a forum for discussion - polite, professional, positive discussion - about the work people are doing and the challenges they’re facing. Is there anything you’d like to see here? Hit me up with your thoughts and ideas, either in the comments or by email.  

Let this be a place where folks can come together to find creative solutions, to expand their reach, to engage in meaningful conversation, and maybe meet someone new.